Artkim Fuarcılık


Artkim Group has been established in 2001 to serve chemical industry in “Exhibition, Publishing, Agency and Human Resources Consultancy” sectors. Artkim Fuarcılık, one of the Artkim Group companies, has stepped to the exhibition industry via its brand TURKCHEM ChemShow Eurasia in 2006 and contributes to the industry with its 13 sector-specific trade-shows today.
The leading exhibitions organized by Artkim Fuarcılık Tic. A.Ş are as follows:  "Turkchem International Chemical Industry Exhibitions” (ChemShow Eurasia, ChemLab Eurasia, ChemTech Eurasia), “International Dyestuff, Pigments, Textile Chemicals, Digital Textile Printing, Dyeing and Printing Technologies Exhibition” Interdye & Textile Printing Eurasia, “Adhesives, Sealants & Production and Application Equipment Exhibition” Adhesive & Sealant Eurasia, "International Paint, Paint Raw Materials, Construction Chemicals, Adhesives and Raw Materials, Laboratory and Production Equipments Exhibition” Paintstanbul & Turkcoat, "International Industrial Coatings Technologies Exhibition” PaintExpo Eurasia, "Surface Treatment, Galvanized Chemicals and Technologies Exhibition” STT SURTECH Eurasia, “International Polyurethane Industry Exhibition” Putech Eurasia, “International Composites Industry Exhibition” Eurasian Composites Show, "Cosmetics, Personal & Home Care Ingredients, Raw Materials and Technologies Exhibition" Cosmetics & Home Care Ingredients, “Pharmaceuticals Ingredients, Raw Materials and Technologies Exhibition” Pharmaist and “Food and Nutritional Ingredients, Raw Materials and Technologies Exhibition” Food & Nutritional Ingredients. 

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